Water Crane is standing again!

Tom Train

Tom Train

Author of the YVR Blog

Healesville Water Crane is being restored as part of the Water Tower Restoration Project.

Adjacent to the Healesville Water Tower stands the Water Crane. This Water Crane was used to deliver the large volume of water from the Water Tower directly into the tender attached to each steam locomotive. Underground pipes connect the Water Tower to the Water Crane, and water flows via gravity from the tower, through the pipes into the crane. This system dates back to a time long before electric pumps would have been available to move the water.

Healesville Station’s Water Crane has been carefully restored by Volunteers as part of the Water Tower Restoration Project. This restoration involved disassembling the Water Crane, checking, cleaning and restoring each piece individually before priming and painting – what a jigsaw of pieces!

The underground pipes were also inspected and found to be in serviceable condition.

The Water Crane is now standing proudly back in place after it was restored alongside the more prominent Water Tower at Healesville Station. The Crane has received its second coat of paint and is nearly ready for use once again!

Well done to the YVR Volunteer Team on this achievement!

To learn more about becoming involved at the YVR, visit our Volunteering page.

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