Healesville Water Tower – Priming Complete and final colour being applied!

Tom Train

Tom Train

Author of the YVR Blog

Another milestone has been reached in the restoration of the heritage Water Tower at Healesville Station!

The Healesville Water Tower is perhaps the most visually prominent piece of railway infrastructure history within the Yarra Valley. Over the last several months, this 130 year old water tower has received some attention. The weathered red oxide paint which has coated the water tower since its construction has been carefully stripped, enabling the water tower to be assessed and thoroughly cleaned. After this, a grey primer and another tie-coat was applied, changing the look of the water tower, at least temporarily. The application of the primer has been completed, a major milestone in the restoration of the Water Tower.

Water Tower before restoration commenced (above) and with primer (below).

The next step was to apply the top red coat. Much consideration went into the selection of the colour through consultation with the YVR Conservation Architect and Heritage Victoria, with Venetian Red finally being selected as the closest match to the original.

The first coat of the final colour has now been applied – turning the Water Tower back to its recognisable red colour

The YVR would like to acknowledge and thank Dulux who have donated paint and materials to the YVR for the restoration of the Water Tower.

All works have been completed by Volunteers – well done to all involved! If you would like to be a part of this project or one of the many others at the Yarra Valley Railway, please visit our Volunteering page for more details.

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