Spotswood Reclamation Depot Works

Tom Train

Tom Train

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Yarra Valley Railway was given the opportunity by VicTrack to retrieve railway materials from a storage yard adjacent to the former Spotswood Reclamation Depot and Flashbutt Welding Yard.

The former Spotswood Reclamation Depot and Flashbutt Welding Yard area was formerly one of the largest Way & Works depots in the state and was host to all manner of activities related to railway construction and maintenance. This John Dare photo shows a hive of activity at the site back in 1976:

Today it is much emptier:

Over a period of 4 weeks the YVR had front-end loader operators, spotters and truck drivers both at Spotswood and back home in the Yarra Valley to move the reclaimed materials, working 6 days a week at both ends.

Every single person involved in the operation was a volunteer.

Items collected included rail, welded transition rails, turnout components, baseplates and surplus or decommissioned level crossing components. These items will be utilized by the YVR in the largest Volunteer Infrastructure Project in Australia – the reconstruction of Healesville to Yarra Glen rail corridor.

The YVR were also able to help out other T&H groups while at Spotswood sorting and loading material for  Seymour Rail Heritage Centre, Morninton Railway, Daylesford Spa Country Railway and Puffing Billy

The Yarra Valley Railway would like to thank VicTrack for their continued support and assistance. 

This has been just one big project among many others going on around the Yarra Valley Railway. There has never been a more exciting time to get involved! Head over to to become involved.

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