RM55 has a new home at the YVR!

Tom Train

Tom Train

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Super DERM (Diesel Electric Railmotor) RM55 will be a welcome addition to the YVR.

Photo Credit: Mark Bau

The Yarra Valley Railway is pleased to confirm RM55 will shortly be arriving at Healesville Station, where it will be placed in the Mechanical Workshop for restoration. Works are already underway within the Workshop in preparation for RM55’s arrival. Read our Blog on the Completion of the Concrete Floor within the Workshop here.

Planning is also in progress to introduce timetabled Saturday train rides at the YVR. Once its restoration is complete, RM55 will play a key role in the launch of Saturday running with the plan for RM55 to be used on Saturdays to complement our beloved Walker Railmotor RM22 running on Sundays. RM55 will also provide welcome relief to RM22 to allow it to be taken out of service when required for maintenance.

With the increased passenger services offered, there will be greater opportunities for Safeworking (Driver and Guard) and Booking Officer roles with training courses currently being planned. Please contact info@yvr.com.au if you are interested in these roles or becoming a volunteer in general .

Trials of a new online ticketing system will also make it easier to book on Passenger Services at the YVR and will be officially launched to coincide with the Saturday running on RM55. Stay tuned for more information on how to book online!

The YVR is very excited to add the unique Rail Motor RM55 to our fleet!

Did you know: Originally constructed in the late 1920’s at the Newport Workshops, RM55 started its life as a PERM (Petrol Electric Rail Motor). It was converted to a Diesel Electric Rail Motor in the early 1950s. RM55 was one of only two DERMs converted to a Super DERM in 1978. This conversion included ‘modernising’ the railmotor, with new seating and aluminium window frames amongst other changes. Once restorations are complete, RM55 will be the only Super DERM in regular operation!

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