Corporate Volunteering

Is your Organisation looking to give back to the community?

The Yarra Valley Railway is solely operated by volunteers from the local and wider community. There are extensive opportunities for businesses and community groups to partner with the Yarra Valley Railway to allow their staff to participate in the largest volunteer infrastructure project in Australia.
The Yarra Valley Railway (YVR) offer a Corporate Volunteering Program. The YVR will provide tasks suitable for all skill levels and abilities as well as qualified volunteer supervisors to help make the most of your experience. The YVR can also provide a BBQ lunch for all participants. Catering for a small group to well over 1000 participants, the Yarra Valley Railway Corporate Volunteering Program will be tailored to suit your company and participants’ skills and interests. 
Volunteering tasks available include:
  • Building restoration works such as painting, light construction activities, spring-cleaning, fencing construction, replacing posters and signage
  • Carriage and wagon restoration works such as woodwork, sanding, painting, installation of fixtures
  • Sorting reclaimed materials for use during the mainline reconstruction 
  • Civil and track works 
  • Lineside clearing
  • Gardening, weed removal, mowing
  • Mechanical maintenance of vehicles and equipment
  • Volunteer opportunities also exist in areas such as administration and IT
Contact the Yarra Valley Railway today using the below form to discuss a Corporate Volunteering Program to suit your specific needs and interests.
“We really appreciate all the help and guidance to make Friday possible. Each of us really enjoyed helping out and we thank each of you for every second we spent there.”
– A.J, Ford Australia
"I really enjoy it! I get a thrill every time I get involved. I’m pleased to see so many people take up the invitation to come out and feel good about helping others."
– Steve Byrne, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and YVR member

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