Volunteering at the Yarra Valley Railway

Volunteers at the YVR undertake every kind of work associated with running the Railway. There are roles available for all interests, abilities and skills. No prior railway experience is required. Volunteer training is provided. Key areas of Volunteering are listed below.

YVR - Volunteer Organisation

The Yarra Valley Railway is a not-for-profit community organisation. From ticket sellers, to drivers, the track and train maintenance teams, all works to keep this community based group running are done by volunteers.

Station Staff

At Healesville Station, the Station Staff including Officer-in-Charge and Booking Clerks are the first point of contact for the many tourists and visitors to the YVR. Providing customer service, selling tickets and souvenirs, and sharing the history of the Railway, are just part of the role of Station Staff.


The Safeworking branch includes Train Drivers, Guards, and Signalers. Formal training and qualifications are required for many of these roles, which is provided by the YVR.

Way & Works

The Way & Works Branch is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and upkeep of both the existing rail infrastructure (track, bridges, tunnel, level crossings, buildings, lineside etc) and the restoration and reconstruction efforts to extend the line back to Yarra Glen. This broader task involves track and bridge maintenance and construction, heavy machine operations and logistics, building and construction and all manner of trades.


The Mechanical Branch is responsible for the restoration and maintenance of both the operational passenger and works train fleet. With the focus on heritage rollingstock, tasks include carpentry, cabinet making, body work, undergear repair, fitting and turning, diesel fitting, steam fitting, painting, glazing and plumbing.


The Marketing team is responsible for raising the profile of the railway and generating revenue through ticket sales and other revenue streams. This involves a broad range of skills across marketing strategy, social media and web marketing, print media and attendance at public events and shows.


The Operations branch includes Safety Management, volunteer training and assessment, liaison with Transport Safety Victoria (TSV), timetabling and operational planning.


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