Mechanical Branch

“Mechanics, electricians, carpenters, welders, boiler makers, painters, we have a role for them all. But experience is not necessary. We have many skilled volunteers who are keen to pass on their trade knowledge, to take time to show new volunteers the ropes.”

You may have seen the big silver shed at the end of the tracks at Healesville Station, but do you know what goes on inside?

The YVR Mechanical Branch is based in the Healesville Workshop. The volunteers of the Mechanical Branch are responsible for the award winning restoration of the heritage Walker Railmotor 22RM and perform regular services of 22RM to keep it in operational condition. But there are more works going on in this Workshop than just mechanical servicing.

“There is such a variety of work to be done, from wooden carriages, to ballast wagons. We are preparing the YVR for the future train operation between Healesville and Yarra Glen. The YVR will need restored carriages and guards vans to carry passengers. We’ll need ballast wagons for the expansion of the new track, plus the locomotives. We’ve also got to keep the Walker Railmotor maintained and running for every Sunday. There’s lots to do and it is so rewarding. We’d really like to welcome some more volunteers into the Workshop” 

No experience is necessary, there is a task available for all regardless of skill, age or ability.

To learn more about volunteering with the Mechanical Branch – please complete the form on the Volunteer Page, and comment that you are interested in the Mechanical Branch and any experience you may have.