Information for Passengers at Healesville Station

Tom Train

Tom Train

Author of the YVR Blog

The YVR Marketing Team has been working hard to bring more information to passengers and visitors to Healesville Station.

Informative posters have been appearing on the walls of Healesville Station.

From an original, fairly minimalist approach (to put it mildly) – informative posters have started to appear on the outside walls of the station.

A six Monthly Timetable has gone up – allowing passengers to plan in advance. “I have seen passengers standing in front of the timetable, making notes – planning future trips”, one long time ticket seller noted recently. This poster is also now available for viewing or download from the Timetable page

How about the job all the Volunteers do? There is a poster about their fantastic work. One passenger was heard to comment, “Over 500 volunteers – I didn’t know there were that many people in Healesville!” We’re pretty sure he was just joking.

Interested in the history of the Yarra Valley Railway? You can pass the time waiting for the next departure, by reading up on the history, and details of the line.

Or check for the details of the next train trip, ticket prices, and other trip details, with the Specific Date Next Train information

More posters are to come-all aimed at making our valued passengers on theYarra Valley Railway – the best informed they can be. Thank you to all Volunteers who have contributed to these posters!

We look forward to seeing you on board soon!

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