Way and Works

“The ‘way’ is the railway industry term for the track, so effectively “Way and Works” is predominantly trackwork. But at the YVR we aren’t just maintaining an operating railway – we are rebuilding for the future, the largest volunteer infrastructure project in Australia. If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will!” – Brenden, Way and Works Manager

The Yarra Valley Railway relies on the hard work of the Way and Works Volunteers for ongoing maintenance and renewals covering all rail infrastructure along the YVR’s network: Track, Signals, Bridges & Structures, Buildings and Corridor Access. 

The YVR currently operate on a 4km section of track which is maintained by the Volunteer of the Way and Works Branch. This work includes track inspections, sleeper replacements, ballasting, bridge maintenance and many other activities out along the line, with the backdrop of the spectacular Yarra Valley.

But that is not all – the YVR is currently rebuilding 8km of rail and 16 bridges to link the current operations to Yarra Glen. 

“Now is a very exciting time for the YVR. The new track bed for the expansion of the current running section is nearly complete, including the structure and decking for the bridges. We are preparing to start laying new sleepers and rail. There is plenty of Volunteering Opportunities, for anyone who would like to be involved, regardless of experience” – Brenden, Way and Works Manager

“We always welcome new volunteers, especially in Way and Works. We have machines to do the heavy work so you don’t have to be strong and would welcome guys and girls to help – even if it is just to ‘spot’ for the machine operator, acting as an extra pair of eyes to ensure all are safe. There’s a job for everyone, regardless of ability – please help us if you can.” —  Roly, regular Way and Works Volunteer

Do you have what it takes to be a Way and Works Volunteer?  To find out more – please contact us, and indicate that you are interested in Way and Works and any experience you have.