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Survey to track adventures

The exciting development of the Yarra Glen station and yard continues apace, but it’s not a matter of just clearing the ground, laying ballast, sleepers and rails and start running trains.

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Surplus Materials from Mentone Level Crossing Removal

Over the past 12 months, the YVR Management Team has been working hard with Level Crossing Removal Project to provide surplus materials to all of the Broad Gauge Tourist and Heritage Railway (T&H) groups from the level crossing removal project at Balcombe Road, Mentone.

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ASEAN Delegates at the YVR

On the 23/11/19 our President Brett Whelan hosted seven Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) delegates from seven countries for a tour and ride on the heritage Walker Railmotor 22RM.

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Gate Bolts for Yarra Glen Station

With a restoration project as large as the one being undertaken by the YVR, there are many small wins which go unnoticed compared to the larger project milestones. This Special Clickety Clack Blog article follows one of these small wins, which involved Volunteers from four organisations working together across multiple locations and over the course of several weeks.

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Take A Seat!

The Yarra Glen Station restoration team have almost finished rebuilding the seating in the station’s undercover waiting area.

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Spotswood Reclamation Depot Works

Yarra Valley Railway was given the opportunity by VicTrack to retrieve railway materials from a storage yard adjacent to the former Spotswood Reclamation Depot and Flashbutt Welding Yard.

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